Finding a Good Media Stand

Posted by David on 5/5/2014
It's all about the sound, right? 

When you have a home theater system, sure, the visuals on your TV set are important, but home theater has to do with the sound. Whether you are watching a movie or playing music, the audio is what makes a home-theater system, make no mistake about it. 

And if you have done any research about your home theater system and how it will work best, you probably already know that you get maximum potential from speakers if they are generally off the ground - especially off a carpeted floor, as carpet tends to absorb sound and thus you could lose that richness you desperately want.

So after mounting some speakers on your wall, in your wall or in your ceiling, the next thing is to elevate your speakers right next to the TV or entertainment center. If you can't put them on the entertainment center next to the TV, then you will likely be in the market for speaker stands. 

What do you look for in a speaker stand? Here are a couple quick and dirty tips:

First, check the size of your speakers, especially the width and depth. You will want a stand that is a little wider and deeper than the speaker to give it a solid foundation and lessen the risk of tip-overs.

Second, check the size of the room where the speakers will be. You don't want the stands or speakers to look too dominant in the room. The focus should be on the TV or the overall system; if the speakers and stands are too big visually, they will distract from the rest of the room.

Third, find a good material. Plywood is stronger and can hold up heavier speakers, but wood can be a good traditional choice - but choose a color or veneer that is consistent with the rest of the room. Again, it's about the speakers blending into the entertainment system, not being the focal point.

Fourth, choose a style that is consistent with the room. Don't go with an aluminum or metal stand if there is a lot of wood, and don't go with an art-deco look when the room is more of a country rural theme. 

Following these guidelines will help you pick the right speaker stand and help you add just the right touch to your entertainment center. Check out our selection of speaker stands, and feel free ton contact us with any questions and we'll be happy to help you pick the stand that is right for you.