Find the Best Home Theater Speakers

Posted by Owen on 3/18/2014

In order to find the best home theater speakers, it requires a bit of a balancing act between cost, space and performance. First of all, you can find speakers for anywhere between tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars...apiece. As for space, you’ll need to figure out how much room you have for the speakers, as the answer to this question could go a long way in terms of constraining your choices. Size matters, when it comes to speakers, however technology has brought some mighty powerful and dynamic sound to smaller sized speakers, so start looking on the small side, and get some good quality subwoofers. Especially when space is an issue, you will most likely do best from wall mounting or ceiling mounting your television and all your speakers, as by doing so, you free up pretty much all the space for your chairs, couches, etc.

The type of speakers you use will determine the quality of sound you experience. There are different types of speakers for your consideration. There is no “one way” to configure your speakers; however there are some general principles that seem to remain true to sound. Ultimately, let your own ears be your guide. After all, you are the one who is going to be listening to the speakers, so get them located where you receive the most satisfaction.

There are a few different types of speakers. You might go with one type, or a combination of types. Try out some different speakers, at different configurations. Here’s what you have to choose from:

• Floor-standing These are by far the largest, most visible speakers. They are best suited to larger spaces, as they sit right on the floor. Usually they are designed so that the tweeter is at the right level for optimum sound quality.

• In-wall As the name suggests, these speakers require cutting holes in your wall. A benefit is that this way, your speakers almost disappear into the wall and don’t take up any space in the room. The down side is that, in order to install them, you’re going to have to cut large holes in your walls which will be difficult and expensive to undo, should you decide to move the speakers or get different sized speakers.

• Bookshelf These speakers are designed to be just the right size to fit on a bookshelf. You can use them on a bookshelf or mount them with wall mounts for speakers.

• Soundbar This is a uniquely designed speaker, which is intended to provide “all in one” speaker surround sound. A soundbar is usually mounted at the bottom of the television, and works by bouncing sound off the walls and ceiling to provide sound for the left, the center and the right channels. A subwoofer is included, which handles the low-end bass frequencies.

• Subwoofer The subwoofer is responsible for all of the low-frequency sound. The typical configuration in a home theater is to have the subwoofer handle the bass frequencies from all the speakers.

• Dipole Used for home theater sound, these speakers are intended specifically for use as surrounds, because the distribute the sound more broadly.