Exploring Speaker Mount Options

Posted by Eric on 3/26/2014
Speaker mounts are hardware that allow for precision positioning of speakers connected to a home theater or stereo system. By elevating speakers closer to the level of listeners’ ears, the audio experience is significantly enhanced. The full range of sound generated by finely engineered speakers becomes much more apparent when they are correctly mounted. Even modest quality speakers can be made to sound better simply by connecting them to an appropriate mount.
Wall Mounts
Wall mounts are perhaps the most popular speaker mount option because they allow for a great deal of hands-on control. Depending on how high these mounts are installed, the user can adjust the direction of the speaker with just a touch. Changing a speaker’s direction allows the user to:
·         Fill the space with ambient music while still allowing for conversation
·         Focus sound for home theater enjoyment
·         Create a space for music and a space for conversation by tiling the speakers in one direction
·         Control the intensity of sound within the listening environment
Ceiling Mounts
Ceiling mounts offer many of the same benefits as wall mounts though, depending on the ceiling height, they are not so readily adjusted. However, ceiling mounts that allow for movement can be strategically positioned and then left alone. There is little chance of ceiling speaker mounts being bumped out of alignment. This is a highly secure way of creating a sound-rich environment.
Non-Traditional Mounts
Some speakers are manufactured without traditional mounting points. There are a number of non-traditional mounts that are designed to accommodate such speakers. However, only hardware designed for use as a speaker mount should be employed in this task. Adapting hardware intended for other uses can result in damage to speakers.
There are speaker mounts available for virtually any speaker that might be used in a home entertainment setting, and they make it possible for home theater enthusiasts to create a customized audio environment.