Easy Steps to Maximize Outdoor Speaker Performance

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 11/12/2014 to Tips and Advice

Taking advantage of the outdoor space for a party or a planned dinner requires streaming music. Aside from the food and conversations, music is another critical element that can keep the party interesting. If you can stream music into the area, then it’s much easier to keep the fun and interest of participants going for hours. While it may seem like an easy project to complete, there are certain outdoor requirements that must be considered to pull off an outdoor party that’s memorable and fun.

Better bass, greater amplifier power for outdoor speakers

Survey the outdoor environment where the speaker systems will be installed. If you are targeting an enclosed area like a backyard space with walls or boundaries, expect a modest sound generated by the speakers. The boundaries including walls will reinforce the sound, thus helping boost bass, sensitivity and speaker efficiency. But when you are faced with an open space with no boundaries and are not physically mounted in walls, amplifier (or speaker power) significantly goes down. If this is the case, then you’ll need additional amplifier power for outdoor speakers. It is also important to install multiple outdoor speakers as opposed to just one speaker.

Outdoor speakers should also provide enough bass. The outdoor environment will deliver a diluted sounds that are spread in different directions, thus a higher bass will provide a solid sound. Outdoor speakers rated at 60 Hz or below are great options that deliver a respectable music-listening experience. Shop for higher wattage speakers since these can accommodate a substantial volume increase without compromising sound quality.  For an outdoor space with 300 sq feet, installing two 60-watt outdoor speakers can deliver the job. And if you are faced with roughly 400 sq feet worth of space, then 80-100 watt outdoor speakers will do the trick.

Outdoor speakers and speaker brackets that withstand the elements

Outdoor speakers should be selected not just based on sound quality but also on how well these can resist the elements and changing weather. These should be able to withstand the challenge of moisture, snow, heat and even accidental hits from a wayward object. These are the reasons why experts recommend installing speakers in a protected location, like under the eaves or beneath the porch roof. The outdoor speaker mounts and brackets are equally important during the planning process. The brackets and mounts should be sturdy enough to support the weight of speakers, thus knowing the speakers’ actual weight is a must. Adjustable mounts and brackets made from stainless steel are often the perfect match for outdoor speakers.

Speakers for outdoor use are different from ordinary speakers. These speakers are built for toughness, and designed to address an open environment with a number of distractions.