Does Your Home Theater Sound System Need Speaker Mounts or Speaker Stands?

Posted by Eric on 6/18/2014
Okay, you’ve purchased your home theater sound system. You’ve got your receiver, surround sound receiver, subwoofer, loudspeakers, gold cables, satellite receiver, Blu-ray player, and surge protector. However, if you want to maximize the power of your home theater sound system, you do not yet have enough. You need speaker mounts and/or speaker stands as well.
Why You Need Speaker Stands and Mounts
One of the keys to a sound system’s ability to provide sound that surrounds is the location of its speakers. After all, how surround-y of a sound can you get if all of your speakers are to your front?
Therefore, to get true surround sound, you need to have speakers all around you and mounted at the right height. Stands and mounts allow you to do this.
Right Height for Your Speakers
You want the sound emitting from your speakers to go directly into your ears. You don’t want it bouncing off the floor, walls, the ceiling, and furniture on its way to your head. Because of this, you need to place your speakers at the same height that your head will be when you are listening in your home theater room. For most people, this is about three feet off the floor. There has been plenty of research done that has proven that sound is best heard when it comes from speakers that are in line with the listener’s ears.  
Speaker Mounts or Speaker Stands
Your goal when setting up your home theater sound system is to place the speakers from where they will be able to direct the sound right to the ears of the listeners. And, whether or not you need speaker stands or speaker mounts is determined by the room your home theater sound system is in. If it is room with shelves that are at around three feet off the floor, you may be able to get by with simple shelf mounts. However, if your room is lacking shelves at this height, you will need to go with wall speaker mounts and/or speaker stands.
Speaker stands are very effective because they can be easily moved and adjusted if you ever rearrange the furniture in your room. The downside to speakers on stands is that they are usually less out-of-the-way than are speakers that are mounted on walls and shelves.