Creative Home Theater Ideas for Small Spaces

Posted by Eric on 2/18/2014
Don't let space restrictions constrict your dream of having a home theater. While the physical dimensions do drive your design planning to a large degree, allow your imagination to flow within the limitations of your chosen room. With a little creativity and the appropriate equipment, you can bring the big screen to even the smallest of spaces.

To maximize your small space, take advantage of available vertical space. Specifically, install recessed audio and visual components, if possible, and secure as much equipment as possible, such as speakers and flat panel screen or television, to the ceilings and walls using specially designed mounts. If a projector is part of your entertainment system, then choose a low-profile ceiling mount. Project movies directly onto a blank wall or a retractable screen for further space saving.

Decorate your media room with multipurpose furniture. For example, use seating with built-in storage space to organize your movies. To conserve even more space, eliminate the need for storage entirely by converting your collection into an electronic format. 

If possible, construct a raised platform to elevate a row of seats, which enhances the viewing experience and allows for more seats to fit into the space. Wood shipping pallets provide an affordable source of materials and require minimal construction skill or knowledge. Simply arrange the pallets in stacks of increasing height. Paint or cover with carpet or fabric to match the room's decor.

Regardless of the size of your home theater, unleash your imagination when deciding upon a theme and thematic decor. Not only can you transform a spare room into your own private theater, you can transform your theater into a scene from a favorite movie, or recreate the look and feel of actual cinemas or another favorite fantasy place.