Converting Bookcase Speakers for the Optimal Listening Experience

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 8/20/2014 to Tips and Advice

If you have an older stereo, a component system that came with your player(s), receiver, and speakers all in one box, you are probably thinking the only thing it might still be good for is a very large paper weight. Before you load it up for a charity store donation or toss it in a dumpster, consider the speakers.

Unless it’s a newer system, where the focus became smaller speakers (like the ones we now use for computers), the chances are good you’ve got a system with bookcase speakers. They are so-named because they were designed to sit atop a bookshelf and require no additional mounts.

As most consumers discovered, just because a speaker can go on a bookshelf doesn’t mean it should. It is incredibly difficult to optimize stereo, or surround-sound, quality when you’re hamstrung by short speaker wires and where your existing shelves may be in a room.

If you’re looking for a way to beef up the sound in any room, consider using those bookshelf speakers in a new manner.It’s a very simple wiring fix to add longer wires which you can connect to your receiver, and there are a host of speaker stands which will allow you to place bookcase speakers anywhere in a room, creating the perfect soundscape.

The beauty of the speaker stands is that you can tweak your audio set up in mere moments, depending on your needs and the mood; no dismantling of mounts or worries about making sure they’re in range and not blocked for wireless or Bluetooth use. Hard-wiring the speakers to the receiver may also allow for superior sound, less drop-off, than a fully wireless system too. If you make the wires long enough, the speakers will be fully portable and you can bury the wires under furniture and/or area rugs to minimize the chance of someone tripping and taking out your speakers and stands.

If the bookcase speakers have any quality to them at all, you can use them in this way thicken the soundscape for anything you play.