Choosing a Speaker Mount for Bookshelf Applications

Posted by Eric on 1/25/2014
Finding the right speaker mounts for your home entertainment sound system is sometimes an intimidating job. Because standing speakers take up so much space, bookshelf speaker mounts offer the next best solution. Among the many advantages of these mounts is that of placement, which provides an ideal home for front speakers. Once you decide on bookshelf speaker mounts, you need to decide on the type.

Choosing a speaker mount for bookshelf applications depends largely on your needs and inclinations, such as where you want your speakers placed and what type of bookshelf or cabinet you own. If you have a wooden bookshelf or cabinet, a universal mount works well. It provides a secure mounting point without sacrificing the integrity of the cabinet. If you need a mount with flexibility, the universal mount is also a good choice. Because every room is different, the hinges on the universal mount allow you to tilt and swivel your speakers for maximum efficiency and to give you the best surround sound possible. At the same time, it supports heavier speakers. If you want to spare the front of your bookshelf from being marred by a speaker, then choose a side clamping mount. This puts your speaker nicely out of the way, allowing you to reach contents on your shelf without having to wrestle with it constantly.

When choosing speaker mounts with bookshelf applications, it is important to know the size of the speakers and where you want to place them. Most bookshelf mounts are unable to support very large speakers, such as subwoofers, so be cautious and make sure to have all the proper hardware before proceeding.