CORDS! Cords everywhere!

Posted by Nick on 3/19/2014
When you are setting up your surround sound system you'll come to find that while you get some sweet sounds out of those great speakers, you've also created a labyrinth of wires that are now running throughout your room. Just like Indiana Jones, if someone were to trip on said cord trap, then they would be chased by the rolling ball of ownership anger.

To avoid this boulder of rage, lets go over some proper tips when setting up your surround sound.

1. Do not use floor standing speakers
These guys are standard in most box surround sound setups. They are super easy to get up and ready for your viewing pleasure, but they come at a cost; and that's having wires run throughout your room. This is the setup for a soon to be disaster, avoid it by hanging your speakers from the wall or ceiling.

2. Drill and snake whenever possible
Hiding the cobweb of wires that can be a surround system is one of those challenging tasks that everyone will run into eventually. A way to avoid this problem is to hide the wires along the inside of your walls. By doing this you are giving a clean and professional look to your entertainment system that many will come to envy. It's a bit more work, but in the end it is only good times!

3. Zip ties are your friends
You have everything hooked up, but not a specific speaker isn't responding, you go to the receiver and find the mess of wires have already begun. You can avoid this annoyance by using zip ties that run to different speaker wires with a different color zip tie. This will help keep the wires behind the system in order, but it also will help you remember which is which since all speaker wire looks the same.