Basics of Setting Up Speakers

Posted by David on 4/17/2014
You have just come home from making a big purchase. You are staring at the boxes in the floor of your living room - or man cave, or wherever you plan to install your newly purchased home theater system with speakers. 

You are so excited to set up all of the different speakers and get the most audio potential from your entertainment center, so the Netflix series "House of Cards" comes through loud and clear when Frank Underwood talks to the camera. 

You want to be able to hear the evil in his voice. With a full speaker system, you will.

But how to get the most out of the speakers? Where should they be placed?

Here we'll give you a couple of basic tips about how and where to place your speakers to maximize your audio experience.

First, pay attention to your center channel, left and right speakers. They set the table for the entire system. Ideally, the center channel speaker should be placed directly under or over your TV, with the center of the speaker lining up with the midpoint of the TV set. 

Once that is placed, you want your left and right speakers to form a small arc from the center speaker, pointing toward the center point of the listening or watching area (favorite chair or sofa, for example). The left and right speakers should be placed at a 22- to 30-degree angle from the center speaker on either side, with the center channel speaker midpoint being zero degrees.

If you have was is known as a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, the remaining speakers should be placed at a 90- to 110-degree angle to the center speaker facing at the listening area, and the back speakers should be about 135 to 150 degrees from the center speaker behind the listening area. 

Always take into account the layout of your room to ensure it can accommodate what you want to accomplish. Don't worry if you don't get this exactly right; most news speakers have a calibration technology to compensate for imperfect placement or angle so that yu can still get the rich, full sound you want.

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