Avoiding Mistakes when Choosing Speakers for Small Rooms

Posted by Pinpoint Mounts on 10/30/2014 to Tips and Advice

The abundance of models of speakers on the market generally means that you’ll have plenty of choice, no matter what kind of speakers you’re looking for. Still, there are some traps you need to avoid to get the speakers you’ll actually be happy with, which is especially important when you’re looking for speakers for a small room.

The first trap would be to go shopping with the notion that bigger always means better. Size doesn’t say anything about the quality of make, for one. Also, remember that there is such a thing as a too loud sound - you don’t need as much power in speakers for a small room as you would in speakers for a larger room. This is especially true when speaking about subwoofers.

The next preconception you might have is that only floor standing speakers might be worth your while. Yes, there are many great floor standing speakers on the market, but you should remember that you have a limited space to work with, and that it might be better to choose speakers that can be mounted on walls, or placed on bookshelves. They are equally capable of producing high quality sound as floor standing speakers.

The last mistake you can make is to skip looking through desktop speakers marketed as speakers for computers. While it might be hard to find computer speakers that would satisfy the most demanding audiophiles, you should keep in mind that they can be very high quality pieces of gear, and can produce very good sound. Plus, the best of them can handle anything you want to play on your computer. As long as you plan to use your computer as your main multimedia device, computer speakers will be up to the task.

The best choice you can make when buying speakers for small rooms would either be bookcase speakers, or high quality computer speakers. They don’t have to be big and very powerful, in fact, in a small room, smaller speakers will do a better job at reproducing sound than very big speakers. So, instead of looking for sheer size and power, try to find smaller speakers of better quality.