AM-20 Universal Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount - White

AM-20 Universal Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount - White

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The AM20 universal speaker mount has been designed for maximum flexibility and compatibility for home theater speakers. Sold as a single mount, the AM20 offers multiple mounting options for traditional speaker mounting applications such as ceiling or wall locations and the unique ability to be mounted directly to any single gang electrical box found in today’s pre-wired home theaters. Made from steel and aluminum, the AM20 will support speakers up to 12 pounds and includes all hardware to mount nearly all home theater speakers on the market today. The AM20 incorporates a ball joint system allowing for endless angles for fine tuning the speaker’s sound and simple 2 piece design allowing for easy mounting. The AM20 is available in 3 colors black, white and silver to match any speaker.

When you're setting up your home theater system, you want the mounting brackets for your speakers to be as unobtrusive as possible, so they don't detract from the decor of the room. The AM-20 Universal Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount, available in black, white and silver, is a perfect fit for virtually any home theater speaker. It easily holds up to 12 pounds and allows you the versatility of multiple mounting options on the ceiling and wall. Unlike many other mounts, the AM-20 can also be mounted to any single gang electrical box that are often found in pre-wired home theater systems. The simple 2-piece construction delivers hassle free installation, and the ball joint system gives you virtually limitless options for fine tuning the direction of your speakers. When you're looking for the highest quality home theater speaker mounts, it's always easy to Pinpoint the perfect source.

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