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The AM20 universal speaker mount has been designed for maximum flexibility and compatibility for home theater speakers. Sold as a single mount, the AM20 offers multiple mounting options for traditional speaker mounting applications such as ceiling or wall locations and the unique ability to be mounted directly to any single gang electrical box found in todays pre-wired home theaters. Made from steel and aluminum, the AM20 will support speakers up to 12 pounds and includes all hardware to mount nearly all home theater speakers on the market today. The AM20 incorporates a ball joint system allowing for endless angles for fine tuning the speakers sound and simple 2 piece design allowing for easy mounting.

The Pinpoint AM20 Universal Home Theater Speaker Wall/Ceiling Bracket is suitable for all home theater satellite speakers with the following types of mountings - Single Threaded insert, Dual threaded inserts, Keyhole. This bracket is a complete mounting solution for home theater speakers and will work for both wall or ceiling applications. This speaker bracket also comes with a steel adapter plate that allows the speaker bracket to attach directly to a single ganged electrical box if your home is pre-wired. In addition, the bracket comes supplied with a short-arm (45mm) and an extension-arm (100mm) to place your speaker closer or further away from the wall or ceiling. The AM20 speaker bracket supports speakers up to 11 lbs. Once your speaker is mounted the AM20 allows you to rotate your speaker 360-degrees and pivot the speaker 90-degrees for precise positioning of the speaker in your home theater system. The AM20 comes supplied with all the necessary hardware to mount your speaker to the bracket and the bracket to your wall or ceiling.

Speaker Mounts: The bracket works with the following types of satellite speakers mounts:

  • Single Threaded Insert: If the speaker has a single threaded insert, one of the supplied long screws (M5 x 25mm, M6 x 25mm, 1/4"-20 x 1", or 1/4"-20 x 1.75") can be used to attach the speaker to the bracket using the single point adapter.
  • Dual Threaded Inserts: If the speaker has dual threaded inserts, you must first attach the dual point adapter plate to the bracket, then use the shorter screw pairs (M5 x 12mm, M6 x 12mm, or 1/4"-20 x 1") to attach the speaker to the bracket. Screw spacing for the dual point adapter plate is 1.9375" to 2.625"
  • Keyhole Slot: If the speaker has a keyhole slot, you must first loosely attach the M5 threaded screw-cap to the M5 x 12mm screw through the single point adapter. The head of the screw is then inserted into the keyhole slot and tightened to hold the speaker firmly.

Wall Mounting: The speaker bracket's metal mounting plate is first mounted to the wall in a vertical position. There are 2 mounting holes with a screw spacing of 1.875" to 2.625" for the supplied wood screws, plus a raised lip for routing the speaker wire through the wall. Once the metal mounting plate is secured to the wall, the cover plate snaps over the metal mounting plate for a clean and professional look. In addition, the speaker bracket comes supplied with a steel adapter plate that allows the AM20 to attach directly to a single ganged electrical box if your home is pre-wired.

Mounting Requirement: It is recommended that the bracket be mounted to a wall or ceiling stud. If the only location is drywall for ceiling or wall mounting then it will necessary to use the supplied drywall anchors for a speaker up to 5 lbs. If your speaker is over 5 lbs, it will be necessary to obtain high quality drywall anchors like Buildex E-Z Toggle or toggler Anchor available at most hardware stores in the US. 

The awesome thing about surround sound is the sound. The downside to surround sound is the speakers getting in the way of walking around a room. Why suffer with this problem when you can just as easily move the speaker up on to the wall, and have the space back for you and your friends?

That is why we offer the AM-20 universal wall and ceiling speaker. This mount can easily hold any satellite speaker without having to worry about it falling and bonking anyone on the head. The materials involved with these mounts are a mixture of steel and aluminum, which gives the device the best of strength while keeping itself lightweight. Since it is strong and light the mount can work on almost any wall or ceiling, even the kind of drywall that has a problem staying together.

We wanted nothing more than for you to have the best possible mount available! Scroll down Page for Complete Product Details & Speaker Compatibility List.

5 Stars
My wife and I searched numerous places in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for speaker mounts with very little success. No one stocked anything that was useable for our needs. These mounts were exactly what we were looking for. The order process was easy. The shipping time was quick. My wife had them installed before I could get home. This was a wonderful experience.
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