AM-15 Center Channel Speaker Mount - White

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The center channel is the most important piece of a surround sound system as it links the left and right sections of the stereo together to give the seamless experience that is watching a high quality film... or your favorite Lifetime movie. In either case, the placement of the center channel is key, and sometimes you just can't have it on the same stand as the tv.

The AM-15 is our top of the line center channel speaker wall mount. These mounts are built to work for almost any center channel speaker as many speakers do not come with wall mounts. The mounts are made of high quality steel and can support up to 30 lbs. They can hold numerous shapes and sizes and since they are not bound to the same plain they can hold almost any size speaker.

Pinpoint Mounts provides what many manufacturers do not, and that is a high quality mount that will keep your valuable electronics safe from their eternal menace --gravity.

The AM15 universal center channel speaker wall mount has been designed for maximum flexibility and compatibility for today’s home theater speakers. Sold as a single mount, the AM15 offers full flexibility for mounting center channel speakers up to 30lbs and depths from 7” to 11.5”. Simple 2 “L” Bracket design has adjustable arm for providing the correct depth and unlimited width. As most center channel speakers do not come with traditional mounting points, the AM15 is designed to rest the speaker on the arms using the included isolation pads providing a solid and vibration free mounting. All mounting hardware is included. The AM15 is available in black or White to match any speaker and room.

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