A Quick Word About USB in Your System

Posted by Pin Point Mounts on 8/1/2014

Any good home-theater system should have at least a couple of USB ports,. Why? Because of our mobile world. But we need to mention that when you are shopping for a good home-theater system, be sure to account for USB because not all USBs are alike.

We know of a situation where a family bought a portable stereo system that had a couple of USB ports so the family could plug in a portable device that has digital music on it - such as an iTunes or Google Play account. However, while the family did check out the specs and saw that it said it was compatible with the iPod, there was a problem - the iPod Touch worked on the system without trouble, but an iPod Classic did not. Which then led them to question whether an older-model iPhone or an iPad would work the same way, or whether it mattered the memory size.

We only mention this because if you have some downloaded music or movies on a tablet or smartphone in your house, it would really be a bummer if the USB port on your system was not compatible. Sure, there is a workaround, but it's always a little more of a hassle.

So when you are shopping, if you have a portable device that has music or video files on it that may be played on your system, make sure to check and double-check the system you intend to buy to make sure the USB ports will work with your device(s). It is a good idea to have your devices with you as you shop, and try each of the devices in the USB ports. You ae not looking for the quality or the sound necessarily; at this point, it would just be good to know that the system reads your USB and can play the music or video you select. If you have multiple devices, try them all out, and if something does not work, take it into consideration as you shop. If you may use your iPad from time to time but that USB wasn't read by the system, then maybe you should look elsewhere; if your iPad won't be used much, then maybe it's not a big deal if it works or not - but your Samsung Galaxy smartphone just has to work.

Sure, you may not use your portable devices all that often in the long run, but to truly enjoy your home-theater system, having the versatility to be able to use any device would be a wonderful benefit.