6 Important Reminders When Setting Up a Home Theater System

Posted by Olivia on 4/7/2014
 Thinking of setting up your very own home theater system? Indeed it's exciting to imagine having a movie-like entertainment center under your own roof for the family's use, for your own enjoyment, and for keeping guests from getting bored when you have a get-together. 

However, it's not as simple as you think. Take note of these 6 important reminders that ought to guide you:

1.      Plan your budget well.
Do your homework first by canvassing for equipment that will give you good value for your money. List the items you'll need such as the television, speakers, player, receiver, cables, and mounts. 

2.      Position the TV properly.
You don't want to end up straining your eyes because the TV is too near or straining your neck and shoulders because it's too high on the wall. If you have limited space, it's better to mount it on the wall. Avail of a TV mount that can be tilted up and down and can swivel left and right. This way, viewers can enjoy the convenience whether they're sitting on the sofa or watching from the dining table. 

3.      Consider the available space in the room.
The available space you have plays a major role in your choice of equipment to include in the home theater system. If you live in a condo unit or you intend to set up the system in your small basement, it's advisable to make use of a remarkable TV mount and a few speaker mounts that you can check out here in our store. This way, you get to free up more floor space. 

4.      Place the speakers in strategic areas.
When choosing where to place your speakers, please do avoid keeping them inside cabinets of any sort. This will muffle the sound and ruin the purpose of having a home theater in the first place. Speaker mounts will enable you to position them for a surround audio system. The speakers won't have to be damaged by children or pets playing in the house if they're high up on your walls. 

5.      Read reviews from the experts.
If you're not an expert on these tech devices, don't try to be. It's safer to read reviews from real experts who know what they're talking about. Check out technology websites and magazines for starters.

6.      Use surge protectors.
Never forget to utilize surge protectors so you can avoid the risk of damaging your equipment when there are unexpected electrical surges. Besides, using such is also a good way of responding to the need for multiple outlets. 

So if you're all set on coming up with a DIY home theater system, remember to keep these important tips in mind. And while you're at it, feel free to browse through our collection of durable and efficient speaker mounts and stands, TV mounts, mount accessories, and outlets.